How to choose a Hobby You’ll Stick with

Objective: Being able to choose a hobby, and stick with it is important. Dedication and hard work are always important. Because if you’re always switching from hobby to hobby. Then you won’t be able to see the results you’ve been grinding for.

1.)Don’t Burn out too early

Success in your chosen field always takes longer than you would expect. Unlike a full-time job. The pay-off will not come instantly.

Working out is a common hobby. However, it takes an average of 3 months to notice significant results.

For hobbies, consistency always beats initial(beginning) hard-work

This is why you should start slow until your hobby becomes a habit.

2.)An ‘easy’ Hobby

Having a simple hobby makes life fun. Choose a hobby that requires lower effort. Because hobbies are supposed to be something you enjoy. Rather than something that you never look forward to.

Keep your hobbies within a close distance. Fishing is a cool hobby; However, if you’re living in the middle of Kansas. With low access to water.

Then you’re going to need to drive hours, just to do your hobby.

Less Tiring hobby: This one depends on personality and lifestyle. Because if you work a mentally taxing job like working at a call center. Then you might find a physical activity like hiking, much more relaxing.

Scheduling matters more for certain hobbies. Some hobbies are best performed early in the morning, hiking, fishing, swimming, etc.

3.) Pick a Helpful Hobby

Choosing a helpful hobby is important. The difference between a hobby and a chore is enjoyment. Both should be helpful in some way.

Find an area of your life that you want to improve. Then find a hobby that can help with that.

This is why cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. You are going to eat regardless. Cooking delicious meals is great. Instead of having a hobby that takes away from your routine. Cooking allows you to save money, eat healthier, while also eating food that’s tastier.

4.) A Hobby You’ve Always Done

Stick to a family are a hobby.  Patterns tend to repeat themselves. This concept is known as “stay in your own lane”. Stay in your own lane.

Were you into drama in high school? Why not pick up an improv class. Sometimes hobbies fade out of our lives. There’s no problem to return to the hole you were digging before.

Also, Hobbyists can try choosing a hobby that you consume. If you’re like me and find yourself constantly watching parkour videos on YouTube. Then try that.

Sticking with a hobby is easier when you’re interested in the craft itself. Even if it’s just as a spectator.

5.) Choose a Theme instead of a Hobby

A difficult part of keeping the same passion is repetition. Choosing a specific activity early on is a trap. Instead of narrowing something down. Try choosing a theme.

For example, Swimming vs Water sports (swimming, water polo, scuba diving).

6.) Hobby with other people

Try to have fun. Nothing is fun 100% of the time. The beginning of your journey can get boring. Why not have a friend to accompany you.

Keeping a friend with you also forces you to stick through the harder parts. Try a hobby that a friend has already done for a decent time. This way, your friend will be a sort of insurance to help you stick with your hobby.



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