How Being “Lazy” Got me off the Couch

When I was growing up. All I wanted was a success. I was an honors student, that did what I was told.

I always wanted to pursue the creative field; However, I still Ignored these feelings, thinking that making a living off creative was too risky. I chose to study to become a Doctor. Uh-oh.

Two years into college I dropped out. I just lacked the motivation to complete my assignments until the last minute. I was a procrastinator.

I had burnout syndrome. People labeled me lazy. Even though I was working hard and stressed out I still had nothing to show for it.

After dropping out I decided to stop wasting my energy. Deciding to be ‘lazy’ changed my life for the better.

Here’s how I learned to be lazy.

Choose something you like

Chasing goals just for success leads to burnout.

Doing things, you’re interested in matters now more than ever.


In the 21st century, everybody is interconnected through the internet. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to compete with a larger audience.

Those having fun will succeed with less effort.

“The people that do the best are those having fun with it” – Lebron James Four-Time NBA MVP


Choose Something Easy

“Success isn’t always about hard work, it’s about consistency” – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Working hard is do-able especially when you’re in the mood. Sometimes we’re not in the mood. This is why doing something that comes naturally is the way to go.

Focus on things people ask you for help with. I never thought I would become a writer. Because I never allowed myself to. My friends would always ask me for help with their essays.

I never minded, because it was fun, and something I could do much faster than the average person. Now that I write, even on bad days, I can still put out more than the average Joe.

However, if I had to draw, or edit a video, then I would struggle. Not because I lacked the skill needed. No, I just would not be able to do those on a consistent basis and/or when I was having a rough day.

What do people come to you for help with?


Happy End Goal

“Begin with the end in mind” – Stephen Covey, Bestselling Author

One of the main reasons why I’m a much more successful blogger. Keeping the end in mind is the key to consistency.

Working towards something is easy when the end goal is desired. We see this all the time. For example, people camping outside of a store for hours to get the newest: shoe, video game, sale.


Something you would do for Free

“What Would you do if Money wasn’t an Object?” – Austin Netzley, Best Selling Author

Many people get stumped on this question, such as me. Try thinking of what you already do for free.

There were many overlooked signs that blogging was my true calling. When I was stuck to the couch watching Netflix. Quora and Reddit got me off the coach. When somebody would ask an interesting question, I would sometimes spend hours answering them.

Turns out I was writing blogs for free the whole time. My life changed when I decided to turn a free hobby into a passion.

Take your time

“Going to the gym twice a week for a year beats going to the gym every day for a month then getting burned out” – Anonymous

The meaning of this quote tells us long-term consistency is key. Less is more in terms of spending your time. Spending an hour, a day, leads to 365 hours a year. Imagine how much you can get done in one year, with 365 hours.

That could be a new language, a new skill, a creative project.


Stephan Toure

Blogger writer and content creator that's dedicated to helping others get out of their own way.

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