3 Most Relaxing Airports in the World

Traveling is a multi-trillion dollar industry. Implying a great deal of money is most definitely invested in giving travelers the best experience possible. Regardless if traveling for business or leisure purposes. Relaxation is at the top of the priority list for many travelers. 1.   Changi International Airport, Singapore, Malaysia Everything is more luxurious in Singapore’s … Continue Reading

How to Stop Being a Screw Up in Life Pt.1

Being a screw up in life is one of the most devastating, loneliest feelings ever. Pinning personal problems on the result of their own character. Instead of logically studying the root cause. Unfortunately, to the common eye, negative assumptions are usually made about them. A ‘screw-up’ may appear lazy, unmotivated, and irresponsible. Often, feeling like … Continue Reading

Why many Millennial are So Doomed

The traditional life route does not work anymore: Go to school → Get a job→ “Work hard” → Buy a House → Get married. Is it fair to keep dooming millennial to go into debt: promising them a good future? Here’s a story on Malcolm, that many millennial can relate to. His dad asks “what … Continue Reading

Why Social Media is Killing our Self-Esteem

I’m sorry guys. We need to heavily cut back disconnect from social media because it is killing our self-esteem. Few 100 years ago, which really isn’t that long in terms of history. Humans would live in smaller tribes of over 100 people. There would be tighter knit communities. Everybody’s voice could make a change. People’s self esteems … Continue Reading

How does Income Affect Childhood Brain Development? | Kimberly Noble

Neuroscientist and pediatrician Kimberly Noble discuss the effect of income on childhood brain development. The experiences in childhood have a great chance of causing mental and physical problems in childhood life. This is known as the ACE score. Which is a score that tallies childhood abuse, neglect and other childhood experiences for childhood experiences such … Continue Reading

Biology: Identical Twins Genetics Case Study

Abstract: This case tells the story of Elise, a college freshman whose identical twin sister has recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Elise is concerned about her own risk for developing this disease.(link) Part 1 – Beginning Questions: What exactly are twins, and how do they arise?  In terms of living species, twins are organisms that … Continue Reading

Quora Journey to 100k Views in 1 Month

Hello. I just wanted to thank all my supporters of my blog. First 100k views on Quora. This is a milestone for me considering I practically made it all within my first 30 days, answering real questions.