Quora Journey to 100k Views in 1 Month

Hello. I just wanted to thank all my supporters of my blog and content. You guys helped me get my first 100k views on Quora. This is a milestone for me considering I practically made it all within my first 30 days, of cracking the formula.

Why was it impressive?

I only had 72 answers for 100k views Meaning that every answer had an average of 1388 views per answer to a question.

What did I write about?


I mainly wrote about topics related to mental health and being productive. This was my plan at first, Later on, I would get at least 5 answer requests to a question every day. Especially about procrastination.

So, you’re probably wondering, how did I get soo many views? I did it by answering one type of question.

Tips for getting Quora views.

  • My answers were mainly about one topic, self-improvement: The reason this worked was to help me get into the flow. When you focus on one topic it becomes easier to take some ideas from previous work and expand
  • I followed high ranking members on Quora: Quora views are weird. You can write a 10* post on an answer and get 1k views. Then write a semi-decent answer and only get end up with 10k views
  • I always added pictures: This doubled my answer views by 10x. Surprisingly people like to look at pictures. Also, most people don’t add pictures to their answers.
  • Storytelling: The top 4/5 answers had a story to tell. That was it. People love learning through stories. Hence documentaries, movies, books, are usually enjoyable to learn from compared to textbooks.
  • Fewer questions more detail: When I would write short answers to questions I would always get outranked by more detailed questions.

Sometimes I would look at an answer to a question that got a few thousand views. Then think to me. Damn only if I put more effort into the answer. Then it would’ve gone much more viral.

  • Follow high-quality people: Follow people with a great deal of follower 100k+ and/or many views a month. Then answer questions as soon as they answer a question. I realized that 30% If I answered a question that they answered. They would still get a relatively decent view count.
  • Answer questions that are unique: Simple questions like “How do I stop procrastinating?” Will get you nowhere. The internet is already saturated with questions like these. That’s where I wasted my time.Answering basic questions usually never got me more than 0.5k views.

The Beginning of the Quora Views Journey

The month of March. I had 29/79 answers written. Yet I didn’t even move past 2k views. I was beginning to doubt myself. I would get an answer request. Then just write it.

My head was pounding from answering so many questions. Yet I had absolutely nothing to show for it.

I kept wondering. Is Quora worth it or not. Will I gain something from this or not. Maybe I am too late to the game. I was answering about one question every day.

Even though they were pushed out quickly. I was still writing quite a bit. This was earlier in my writing process. The less practice I had at writing made every answer a chore.


The first week of April I wrote three procrastination answers. With only 150 combined views. I thought to myself. Why do I keep doing this? My writing was better. Higher quality than other answers I would see.

I saw other users getting a couple thousand more views by spamming two-word sentences to many answers.

I was starting to doubt my strategy of posting quality content. However, an itch at the back of my mind kept saying. Nope. Keep going. I want to get noticed for the quality of my work. Not just getting views.

The View Growth Spurt

Sitting at 2.1k views I felt desperate. I knew something needed to change. So, I looked through top writers and I found a dude named, Sean Kernan. How? for some reason he requested I answer this question on April 8th: What famous person had a promising career and then destroyed it with bad decisions?

I drafted a quick post about Chris Brown’s career downfall. After that within 24 hours, I got over 6k views. Thanks, Chris Brown Meaning in one day, I tripled what I got in 1 month (March), with only one answer.

I was extremely excited to get that many views. Especially just off one answer.

A small part of me was extremely annoyed. Especially after it settled in that a throw off post got so many views; Yet, my best work barely got 100’s of views.

Then I got scared. How could I get that many views? I thought to myself. Then I had a eureka moment I looked at the answer of the dude who requested my answer. He had almost 200k followers. Which is quite a lot for Quora?

So, I followed him and decided to answer the next question he did.

The next day Apr 9 I was super excited. Before I was writing an answer every few days because I was ‘tired’. But I have to say, success gives you more energy. I wrote a few answers requested by him.

However, sometimes he requests me to write answers to certain questions but won’t answer them himself.

Out of the 3 he requested. He only wrote one. Which I luckily answered. Which got me another 12k view count.

This means that I made 18k views in 2 days. When I only made 2k views last month.

I still wrote other answers to questions, and some would get a few 100 views. Only because I wanted to stick to my niche.

Then on Apr 21. I answered another question requested by Sean Kernan. I only got 800 views. Which was above my average. However, it was a far shot away from the 10k I was used to.

Instead of following the process that worked. I started to become stubborn. IFor the next few days, I started answering other random questions because I thought they would blow up, personally.

Then I realized I wasn’t getting that many views anymore. So, I started following Sean and other large influencers in my niche again.

Within 13 days. I answered 4 questions for a combined total of 77k views.


My favorite answers:

What are some Common career landmines that people step on?

What is a truth so shocking that most people struggle with accepting it?

Like my blog posts. I make similar advice but on Quora

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