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What’s the Most Impressive Athletic Accomplishment by someone Past their Prime?

Tom Brady – The Super Dad

Who is this dude? Tom Brady looks like a father that used to be good at football(American football) in his high school days. Who loves to bring it up over campfires time and time again. While bragging about how he could of went pro.

On the contrary, Tom Brady is one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time. He also leads his team to win a Superbowl on Feb 3, 2019. At only 40 years old!

Tom Brady’s excellence causes him to voluntarily takes pay-cuts so he can pay his team members more. At 40 years old!

He is somebody that is a winner. Marking himself in NFL history with a huge rusty pitchfork. Potentially leaving $60 million dollars on the table worth of pay cuts. This was literally such a big deal that it went viral on Jimmy Kimmel.

Why does it matter that Tom Brady was 40 years old?
Check out this chart

Value Over Replacement Chart

“The blue line represents the average performance based on the number of quarterbacks actually playing in the NFL that season; the red line shows the aging patterns when you divide by the total number of passers in the group.”-(Quarterback Age Curves)

In English, a quarterbacks prime typically ranges from 26–30 years old.

Tom Brady is still the best quarterback in the world, arguably of all time. So not only is he still top-notch after his prime. He’s also recognized as the best in the league.

Tom Brady went to 5 super bowls after his prime.


Also, believe it or not. He went to the Superbowl 3 times in a row! from ages 38–40!

Is going to the Superbowl that impressive?

Look, not to hate on the NBA or Michael Jordan, but a Superbowl is 10x harder to win than an NBA championship. Football is a physical game. Getting tackled by 300-pound men is hard.

Tom Brady has more Superbowl appearances than any other team in the NFL. While being tied for 5th, from just Superbowl appearances he went to after his ‘prime’.

While the Boston Celtics have won 17 championships. Making Michael Jordan’s 4 rings, look much smaller in comparison.

Also, the NFL was started in 1920. The NBA was started in 1946. Technically giving Michael Jordan a 26-year head start. Making his feat a much smaller athletic accomplishment compared to Tom Brady.

Sorry, Jordan:

The growth

Tom Brady wouldn’t be who he was if it wasn’t for the growth. He wasn’t some perfect dude who always got everything right.

Matter of fact, he was a stereotypical“loser” that nobody really believed in.

Tom Brady couldn’t start for his high school freshman team that had an 0–8 losing record!

He was also 199th out of 254 draft pick in the NFL.

Final Inspiration:

Tom Brady on Instagram: “I found my combine shirt from 17 years ago and it got me thinking. This is what they said about me then….. Poor build, Skinny, Lacks…”

Always remember, you decide when your prime ends.

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