Top 5 Funniest Jokes/Stories About Anxiety By Standup Comedians

Comedians Bring Humour to Anxiety

Dave Chappelle Anxiety Story

Comedians are modern-day philosophers. A line of work, revolving around controversy.

Because they go up on stage in front of audiences. We view them as earthly superhero. Immune to feeling anxiety.

Fortunately for humanity, they’re as relatable as they come. In particular, feelings of anxiety.

1.) Dave Chappelle keeps Sane in a Normal World

First up is Dave Chappelle. He speaks on social anxiety. And the act society forces people to uphold.

One of the reasons people have such a hard time working in a corporate environment. All the social pressure at a 9-5 takes a toll.

Dave’s skit is a breath of fresh air. Making one think, finally, somebody that gets it. Whelp, it’s Dave Chappelle after all. He gets everything.

2.) John Mulaney’s Awkward Doctor Visit

Going to the doctor can be tense. Especially when you want something from him. Yet, don’t feel able to outright say it.

John Mulaney’s anxiety causes him to lie. Leading him to follow through with a medical procedure. A procedure that he’s not too fond of.

Luckily for us fans. John Mulaney turns his pain into laughter.

3.) Doug Stanhope’s Last Stand for Inclusion

Struggling with mental health issues makes people feel lonely. Made to be seen as a weakness. A complete failure.

Doug Stanhope points out the fact that it’s okay to be different. He teeters the line between being mentally unhealthy. And simply being a unique individual.

This is perfect for those feeling outcasted. Left-out of society.

4.) Seinfeld’s Audience is Laughing to the Grave

Seinfeld talks about the most common fear in the world. Speaking in front of people. You can check out my post about overcoming public speaking anxiety here.

5.) Louis CK Gives Us ‘The Talk’

This is a lighter-hearted one. Talking about feeling anxious about looking masculine.

Opening up about the nagging feeling to always act ‘straight’. Even in the most absurd situations.

Bonus Video

Since most vids were fairly short, why not one more? This one is a podcast, not a stand up. But this still makes the cut.

Joe Rogan Trips out on Reality

Joe Rogan is a stand-up comedian. So he makes the list, even though it’s a podcast. This time he speaks on anxiety pills. Xanax in particular.

In this story about comedians like Doug Stanhope, who admits to using anxiety medication. Joe Rogan spins anxiety into a positive light.

Breaking down, how helpful these negative feelings can be. Anxiety in particular, in terms of human survival.

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