Tools to treat anxiety and panic attacks are needed by many of us. This is a product that helps treat anxiety using the 21-7 technique. Author Barry McDonagh teaches you how to stop panic attacks in 21 seconds, and end general anxiety in 7 minutes.


Back again! It’s been awhile. I haven’t been updating as much as I usually do. Most of the time I’m giving advice and tips on overcoming anxiety. Lately, I’ve searching for products to help me manage anxious thoughts that have beeon on my mind.

After experiencing a panic attack for my first time in years, I found it best to follow the advice I usually ‘preach’; Your Mental health is your top priority. This is why over the weeks I’ve been really into courses on anxiety, especially panic attacks. This not only helps me create more educational blog posts, but also gives me a wider perspective on anxiety as well. 

Panic Away is the first program reviewed on my blog, because I only like talking about products I actually used, and may actually benefit some people in my core audience.

What’s The Panic Away Program?

Panic Away is an online program that is meant to end your panic attacks and general anxiety naturally. 

When I first heard of the program I was immediately spooked, it said that he can cure my panic attacks in 21 seconds  . If you read my blog article “Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety” then you would know that panics usually die down after about 20-30 minutes. Then the program has another method to cure anxiety in 7 minutes, a disorder that lasts your whole life. Although it’s impossible to cure these disorders instantaneously, they do give you quick 7-21 minute strategies that you can do everyday to work through your personal anxiety.

Here’s a quick snippet about general anxiety, and panic disorder (attacks) that I found interesting:

While sifting through their website I realized that panic away gives you a free 10 minute audio which you can find here.

Who is The Product For?

If you like to be given simple and easy to follow strategies that you can repeat daily/weekly or on an occasion, then this program is more in your lane. I was also really impressed by how good it is at relating it to real life situations. The author has three full chapters about: Driving Anxiety, Agoraphobia(fear of crowds), fear of flying, fear of public speaking.  

Even though he helps people get over their anxiety by using a method called exposure therapy, he didn’t just tell me to get over my anxiety. For instance, this snippet below was taken from his lessons about driving anxiety.

Another relatable paragraph example

 I could feel like they really capture what someone with anxiety really goes through, and not some generic ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

  • Panic Attacks
  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Situational Anxiety and OCD
  • Dealing with unwanted Thoughts  
  • Dealing with Anxiety related bodily sensations(i.e. Stomach aches, sweaty palms)
  • Dealing with: Morning Anxiety – Insomnia – Night panic
  • Struggling with Acceptance
  • Struggling with Phobias

What Do You Get For Your Money?

The reason I chose this product is because I wanted to try something that would give me a return on my money. Making the investment to purchase the digital version of the product made me really want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth. Sort of like how I could spend $100 on a meal, but won’t even spend 1$ for an useful app on my phone. 

  • I got panic away videos that helped follow along with sections in the program, he has videos where you can actually see him speaking personally. This makes it more authentic, and interactive to watch.
  • Access to the Panic Away Members Area —This is like an actual forum that you can communicate with people who have anxiety, and get feedback by medical professionals, but I haven’t gotten time to try it out yet. Nonetheless, I’m still impressed that they gave you life-time access to their dedicated forum —Since most programs work on a monthly basis.
  • Panic Away Audios(Bonus) were emailed just for submitting my email. This audio will give you a pretty good snippet of the type of insight you’ll get from his audio program(Click here to see if it’s still included <<).
  • The E-book Version of the Panic Away Program. The program comes as a digital pdf
  • Bonus Videos that are targeted at helping you overcome his panic attack with the Author himself made it easier to see where he was coming from.

As you can see you get quite the package on this one. Between the video footage and the audio, plus the forums. This can really help you outl.

About Barry Mcdonaugh

Barry Mcdonaugh, is a researcher that focuses on coming from a place of understanding. He approaches his anti-anxiety attack program with a no nonsense approach(i.e. “Just snap out of it”), giving you an alternative to the previous rubbish approach.

Barry Mcdonaugh sold his 80,000 copies of his first book Panic Away in 2001, which this program is built off of. In the book world, there are generally less copies sold on average, so this would be equivalent to having a platinum record in the book world.

“Panic Away” Pros & Cons


  • The program was really in depth, it spoke about getting off medications, while still acknowledging the fact that medications can still be helpful when dealing with mental health issues. This is nice because many mental health speakers often disregard medication completely.
  • Permanent long-term solution. The solutions given were planned to get people to stop speaking
  • 90-day money back guarantee, this made me comfortable knowing that if I did not enjoy the program, then I would get my money back
  • Video audio and written content, he also provides you with a free audio sample when you sign up to his website
  • Very broad range of detail


Honestly, there really weren’t any specific faults for the “Panic Away” program, but there sure were some things I wished that they included with it.

  • The program could’ve had more support from staff members since it is so much content. But they did have a forum where you could speak to more experienced members.
  • The sales page should’ve been more easy to navigate and less ‘tacky’
  • I wish the program creator Barry McDonaghhad more active social medias and content he gave outside this program
  • Those things aside, the product was a decent buy in. Even though some of this stuff I already knew, I mainly bought it to hear how he explains these things.

“Product Name” Price: What A Bargain, Here’s How I Got Mine Cheap!

$288 is the cost of the actual product off of amazon, if you get it brand new, I’ve even seen . Until I seen a comment that said purchase it from the actual page, so I went on the website.

[PROMO CODE LINK] $288 $67

However, when you purchase it off the main side using a discount code it’s only $67 for the digital version. Or, you can purchase the physical + digital product for $97. The author claims that users who purchase this book get a 25% discount from the amazon price, but there were people on amazon selling copies for over $300.

The product of the price was relatively cheap compared to everything else, but still pricey for a typical e-book. But this wasn’t just an e-book, that came along with the other packages. The e-book itself was nearly 240 pages. And to be frank, most products that I see, most likely won’t include a video course as well as an ebook, and an exclusive forum, without paying a few 100$ at least. This price is a one-stop shop for anxiety. I would view it as an anxiety encyclopedia. You can also tell that his program is well revised based on the flow between topics, and the emails he sends to teach you more about anxiety along the way. Even if you don’t sign up for the product, Barry Mcdonagh is still generous with his content.

Conclusion: Very Happy With “Product Name”

To sum things up, I was pretty impressed with the Panic Away program. It’s helped me gain an understanding of how to use strategies to manage my anxiety on a daily basis.

I strongly recommend checking out the Panic Away program, especially if you haven’t nailed down an effective method of overcoming it.

Also, remember to check to see if the discount is still available here.

I appreciate the reading of my first review. I hope it satisfied what you were looking for about the Panic Away program. Any questions or comments? Feel free to leave a comment below


Rating: 8 out of 10.

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  1. Thanks for a review that’s actually not biased. I’m actually going to try it and see how it is so wish me luck:)

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