Joe Rogan on How to Be a Smarter Person And the Burden Of Intelligence

“I think some people have the burden of intelligence” Joe Rogan is a UFC commentator, comedian, podcaster and holds a bunch of other successful titles that come with being a celebrity. Portraying intelligence as a burden seems counter-intuitive. Generally, everybody wants to consider themselves intelligent in some form. One might ponder, what’s so bad about

6 Tips on Social Anxiety from Former US Veteran Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor Shawn Ryan

Backstory on Shawn Ryan’s Battle with Mental Health Shawn Ryan is a former US veteran. He’s spent 14 years of combat service for the US Navy Seals and the CIA. Who would’ve thought someone who has battled with terrorists around the world, would struggle with overcoming social anxiety? I say this ironically since records show

Top 5 Funniest Jokes/Stories About Anxiety By Standup Comedians

Comedians Bring Humour to Anxiety Comedians are modern-day philosophers. A line of work, revolving around controversy. Because they go up on stage in front of audiences. We view them as earthly superhero. Immune to feeling anxiety. Fortunately for humanity, they’re as relatable as they come. In particular, feelings of anxiety. 1.) Dave Chappelle keeps Sane