Stephan Toure


Comedians Bring Humour to Anxiety Comedians are modern-day philosophers. A line of work, revolving around controversy. Because they go up on stage in front of audiences. We view them as earthly superhero. Immune to feeling anxiety. Fortunately for humanity, they’re as relatable as they come. In particular, feelings of anxiety. 1.) Dave Chappelle keeps Sane in a Normal World First up is Dave Chappelle. He speaks on social anxiety. And the act… Read More

Are you suffering from imposter syndrome? Imposter syndrome is the feeling of being a fraud in your craft. Despite solid proof of the exact opposite. Feeling out of place is common. Research suggests nearly three quarters of people will experience imposter syndrome at some point. My Battle with Imposter Syndrome You can read through this story or skip straight to the signs here A story of my battle with imposter syndrome. I’ve… Read More